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Yicui Estate

yicui estate

  Yicui Estate is a high-end residential brand launched into the market in 1998 and built by Guangdong Nenking Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (“Nenking Real Estate” for short), a company under Nenking Group specializing in real estate development.

  Throughout these years, Nenking Real Estate has developed 8 high-end residential estates and urban complex projects, including Shamian New Town, Yicui Huayuan, Yicui Xinyuan, Yicui Meiguiyuan, Yicui Hongjing, Yicui Shijia, Yicui Kensington and Yicui Riviera. The total developed area has reached 3,000,000 sq.m, while the area of developing projects and land banking is 3,200,000 sq.m. The develop scope covers high-end residence, apartment, commercial & office building, as well as sports venue. Nenking Real Estate is currently one of the most integrated real estate developers in Foshan, given its size and brand appeal.

  Nenking Real Estate has always focused on the high-end property development and management of Foshan market by taking “Superiority Comes Naturally” as its brand orientation, customer demand as its guidance and building green living residence as its obligation, striving to be the front-runner of the industry.

  Nenking Real Estate’s future vision, market prediction, customer-oriented acumen and unremitting pursuit for professional operation have strengthened its brand in the local market with tremendous influence and recognition. As a result, “Yicui” is awarded “The Most Suitable Estate for Foshan Citizens”.

Yicui Riviera

Built in 2015 by Nenking Group, Yicui Riviera Estate is a mega community that is located in District D of Foshan Financial Hi-Tech Zone.


Yicui Kensington

The Yicui Kensington urban complex is a mega-city project invested and built by Nenking Group in 2014 and is located in the CBD of Foshan Ne......

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